Post Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:38 am

One of the two injured drivers in dirt race

Alysha Ruggles, the 19-year-old who suffered a compression fracture in her back during a sprint-car race Tuesday in a race with Tony Stewart, is home from the hospital. Ruggles, whose mother took her to the hospital after she began complaining of back pain following the accident, suffered a compression fracture in her back, according to the (Rochester) Democrat and Chronicle. "Right now, she has to take it one day at a time," Wendy Ruggles told the newspaper. "We had a big scare; she was close to being paralyzed."The track's Facebook page posted that Ruggles was released from the hospital Thursday. "To quote our Alysha Ruggles - she said 'Everyone needs to stop blaming Tony, it was a racing accident,'" the track said on its Facebook post.(Sporting News)(7-19-2013)

I was worried of it being a Compression, when I heard she had back pain. the fall & sudden stop is how I got mine.
Hope she can continue racing next year. Good luck!