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why would you do this to a champion?

Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:39 pm

This is unacceptable!

Re: why would you do this to a champion?

Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:30 pm

May I ask what you mean? do what to the 3 time champ?

Re: why would you do this to a champion?

Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:09 pm

HRR wrote:May I ask what you mean? do what to the 3 time champ?

throw yellow flags right after he pits like everytime he pitted. LOL

Thats my guess

Re: why would you do this to a champion?

Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:19 pm

I will just tell you, that I am getting to believe that Nascar is Fixed! After watching the last 3 chase races, the way, cautions have been coming out.. what "Perfect" timing.. giving not anyone in the chase a real chance to challenge the race leader.. but for the select few.. Like.. Jimmie, or Denny.... Tony.. in all of the races so far.. has been a lap down, at one point in time,and has been fortunate to dig out of two of them to get a good finish.. but not this week.. He got bit every stinking time! WTF... Mathematically Tony is done.. Nascar .. wants it to be between, Jimmie, Brad, and Denny.. If you see where I am going with this.. Nascar is making it more obvious this year.. than the run of his first 5 titles.. Tony, was a fluke ... last year, as my friends said... his is in Jimmies' cars.. he had the year before.. stating, that if it was not for Hendrick, that Tony would have not beatin them with their own equipment.... saying, that Talent did not win that title last year.. WTF.. excuse me.. Tony did win TWO titles with JGR.. that was not with JJ"s cars.. GTFOIT! I am really getting annoyed with the Tony haters.. which happen to be JJ #48 Train Jumpers, or band wagoneers! I have not seen one... and I mean one.. Jimmie fan with a 48 tattooed to their body showing dedication for their driver. I get commented all the time for my tat... of SMOKE w/14 behind it on my forearm ... where everyone can see it. That is a real driver fan.. not some wanna be poser.. Nascar.. is loosing fans where I live.. saying that their.. mysterious DEBRIS .. Cautions.. are just waved for those, they want to be in contention... the the whole field. Nascar, better start listening to their fans.. or they won't have many left.. Stands are already not as full as they were 8 years ago... what does that tell you? It is not just the economy.. its the joke, that Nascar, calls racing! Its who they want to win, or who they want to have be the next big thing, oh.. that's right... Nascar.. has become.. ITS ALL ABOUT JIMMIE! On Raceday.. Its' Jimmie this, Jimmie that ... that S**t is getting really OLD! As far as I am concerned.. Tony, 3 Time Sprint Cup Champion... is the last .. REAL CUP Champ! Not only did he talk the talk last year.. but He BACKED IT UP! Chew on that Nascar!

ENOUGH SAID>> :roll:
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