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Re: Chase - Darian Grubb

Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:25 am

AnnaLee I never thought about how many years there were only 2 championship winners and even that inclues Tony twice. JJ had the largest streak and wiped out hopes for several drivers. It makes sense that each and every driver wants the chance to make the magic again. As for Denny I agree with what you said. It must be confidence and he is not sure he can handle the pressure. I don't know Denny's background but we know Tony has had it since he was 4 years old riding his big wheel around his dad's garage and only on 2 wheels.

Re: Chase - Darian Grubb

Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:37 pm

MyLadyWhiteWolf wrote:Yesterday, I was in Chicago for the NASCAR Contenders Live event at the House of Blues. If you weren't there or didn't see it streamed live on line, watch it tonight on Speed at 7pm. Anyway, Chris Meyers asked Denny something to do with Darian and whether or not he was part of the reason Denny is in the chase this year and Denny thanked Tony for sending him over. Something was asked about Tony being worried that Darian took all of SHR's secrets to JGR and Tony stated no, because he got Zippi from JGR so they were even.

Anyway, you'll have to watch it tonight, it was quite funny.

I'm watching that right now. It's hilarious. The quip about 5 hour energy to Clint and he comes back at Jeff with AARP... LMAO, that was gold

Re: Chase - Darian Grubb

Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:57 am

I watched it too. Clint was the best...hilarious It was nice to hear Jeff Gordon give Smoke the same praise as the best drivers EVER. JJ might be the best in sprint cup ....but Smoke is just the best ....period.

Re: Chase - Darian Grubb

Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:23 am

Annalee wrote:MLWW.....I love the fact you got to go, also heard that it was pretty funny...especially Clint Boyer.......I have listened to him during a race on the scanner.......he is hilarious, he gets a bad case of ADD......I recorded it on the DVR can't wait to see it...thanks for the Picts.

I still think Denny for what ever reason seems to come apart, he caves to the pressure building at the end of the chase...he let JJ get into his head.....that is something only Denny can fix...Darien can help, but that has to come from Denny.
I found it interesting that JJ when asked about who he was most worried about in the chase, said it had to be a past championship...they are the only one's who have the knowledge and leadership to win..... they have done it before. He is right, you have the know how to put all the pieces together. If it was easy, there would be more than 2 winners in the past 9 years...

There WERE more than 2 winners in the last 9 years. JJ and Smoke only account for 7 What about Kenseth and "Keebler" :P :shock: ;) 8-)
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