Post Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:14 am

Re: No Fine for Tony ............

Annalee wrote:
TonyTina14 wrote:It was a awesome race and i would buy one of those shirts!!!!!!! good
idea Annalee!! Well for those of you who enjoyed the race and those
who need to see it again to understand everything Tony and the Boys
over came to get to that Awesome helmet throw and to truly understand
why Tony was so mad !!! there is a replay of the race at 12:00 on speed.
then you will see how wpm took out Ryan. You can count on one hand
The Drivers who can come from the back of the pack to lead the race
and even win AND TONY IS TOPS IN MY BOOK!!!!!!!

Thank you Tony Tina .......he's tops in my book too!! :) Harvicks' did the same thing with their Joey Logano "fire suit" comment, made a lot of money for charity, same thing could happen with the helmet shot "seen around the world"...... NASCAR Now had a great piece on it today.
The guys need to take a deep breath and lighten up. You all take this stuff way to serious.....not good for your health 8-)

YES Annalee i am very serious about racing watch it when ever i can and
i was watching the replay of the race and it was just as good
as the first time. i am glad you agree with my post but i dont care what
anyone has to say about Tony he has tremendous skill behind a race car of any kind!!!!!!!! but its the love of racing that gives him the edge over
everything he has to over come on and off the track. and he and the boys had over come a lot that day for it to end like that. but they will
and aways do come back. That's why He is a champ!! and his hart is so
big i am surprised his chest can hold it in. and yes he can get mad but
there is aways a very reason. and to understand him before judging walk
or race in his shoes. so say what they may its there right but Tony is
The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Him!!!