Post Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:00 pm

Re: Tony Wins Duel # 1 - Danica Crashes

Congrats to Tony and #14 Team on an awesome win!

did anyone else happen to notice that Denny seemed to be on Darian's old "stretch / save fuel / don't pit yet, hold your position" strategy?

Tony, even with Steve, seemed to slip back into that same strategy.

Once again, when Tony was up front with Denny... one just has to wonder what's being said or thought between the CC's, just like when Tony was neck & neck with Kyle.

Someone must have put a nickle in me... cuz here I go again. Per Tony, the Duels were about experience only - same as Daytona, for Danica. The guys at SHR only want Danica to experience different things this season. So now they can check off pack racing and a crash, for experience.

I thought she handled the care center release interview, like a champion. :-)
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