Post Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:59 pm

Kudos to Tony

I listen to Ryans radio every weekend, & when Tony was trying to put Ryan down a 2nd lap, Ryan let him go & said over his radio that, he could have raced him harder, but didnt want to penalize his teammate for the box they put themselves into. Now I dont know if that got sent over to Tony's radio or not, but shortly after, Ryans spotter told Ryan, that Tony said to keep digging. Where Ryan passed Tony back & they battled for laps until Ryan had to pit. (wouldnt you know it the yellow came out that lap as Ryans luck has been)
Anyhow I have to give Kudos to Tony for having Ryan fight to keep from going another lap down, where he could have just said thanks & made sure his lead was secure. Fighting for most laps led & all. Good to see they are both good teammates & look out for one another.

Oh! & Congrats on the victory as well!