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Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:19 pm

All I can say is that tomorrow's race might very interesting.. as for Tony's comments this week about driving at this weeks race, and what might come of it. Saying that if you have driven against people with respect during this chase, that you might just get it in return if you are quicker, others may just show that in return. If you have #### someone off, your chances of having a bad day at that track, just come back to haunt you!

With all of this being said, Tony is very much points racing, and starting 4th, you know, he will select pit stall #8.. like he always does. But keep this in mind, that might be what saves his points in the long run, as for his last 8 starts there since 2007 has not be great.. especially since this past April! I know he has his head high, knowing that tomorrow, is definitely going to be critical for a good points day.. 1 slip up..and it may just be over for the 14 team. I have a feeling that Tony is going to win this race.. he is going to shut those nay sayers up! Who is Jimmie Johnson? Smoke has his number, and I do believe that he is just lurking around to prove to the world that he is a champion, and that after his comments in Richmond, not thinking he was good enough to be in the chase..that was just a SMOKE _ screen! If you know you are good enough to win, and that he did , winning the first 2 chase races..and not sitting in the back at Dega... he has the talent, and the brains to win this years cup series title! If you think for one minute that he really beleived what he said about just taking up a spot in the chase... you were mistakenly wrong! He really ain't showing his hand.. that is what I like about Tony... when you know you are good.. don't go telling the world your secrets..just hold them in toe..and then just "Bring it" when it is go time!

Tony.. you are a smart man.. know what it is going to take to de-thrown JJ..this week.. show them who the real man of Nascar really is! Same to Ryan..good , smart race car driver, with a ton of bad luck..and some really good luck too.... Go Get them Roush-Fenway boys.. and get the points lead Tony!

Re: Martinsville?

Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:54 am


Great post. Let's go it em!

Re: Martinsville?

Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:54 pm

What did I say? What was my prediction last night with this topic? I predicted right! GO SMOKE and the whole 14 team! Nice work, perserverence today! Never quit on yourself or your fans! Like I said in the other posts.. Jimmie who? Smoke beat him fair and square!

I will say this, Going to Texas, where in the spring, he had a dominate car, but messed up with the fuel mileage deal..I don't see Smoke or Grubb making the same mistake twice! He has a very high possibility of winning at least Texas and or Phenioux or both! Like he said in the after race comments... Carl, you will have a "NOT SO EASY" next three weeks! That is the attitude I like seeing Tony having! Take no prisioners! It is his title to win, GO GET IT!

I got a tattoo, of Tony's Nickname with the 14 behind it on my forearm in May.... Lets say, I got it to prove my loyalty to Smoke, and 14 team.. Maybe.. it is good luck..don't know..but we will see.
My Tat! If he does win the title, I will put The word Sprint Cup Champion with all the years he has won the title, under the existing tattoo.
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