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If tony wins?



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Post Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:43 am

Re: If tony wins?

austin024 wrote:Ok so lets face it, Not alot of us like the chase. We all have said that its not fair or something along those lines. Theres the first 26 races, then last 10 for the chase, And how JJ's dominated in the last 5 years. I getting at this. tony hasn't done crap the first 26 races, but so far the last stretch here he has done great. So if he Wins the championship, will you all dog him like you have Jimmie the past 5 years? Saying that the chase isnt fair? Or will be hypocrits?

Not a great fan of the chase, BUT that being said, Look at the 12 teams in the chase, They have performed. Alot of people think Tony had a bad year, but actually what he had has some bad breaks, a couple of costly mistakes, How many races di he have a victory right there in his hands and SOMETHING happened.? if you look at where he actually ran, it makes sense. I am not counting JJ out either. The one thing about this new point system. is that it ain't gonna be over until the last lap at Homestead.
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Re: If tony wins?

I am not sure I even want to post to this topic but I will throw my 2 cents in. Other years those dominating the first 26 races had a huge lead going into the Chase. Remember the 10 pts for winning each race prior to the Chase? JJ had an advantage like the others who won races. This year it is much more on a equal playing ground. It is still anyone's game depending on what happens. Tony having had a bad year in the 26 races is ending up in good position to win the Chase because of this year's format and finally getting his act together...maybe not his but his team.
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