Post Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:56 pm

Here's to hoping...

I read an article on about how Greg Biffle won the 1st 2 chase races in 2008 (also his first wins of that year), then proceeded to have an average finish of ~11th for the following 8 races...ending up 3rd in the points after all was said and done.

good things is, different machines nowadays, and longer lasting tires.
and those longer lasting tires allow those who are great at calculating & conserving fuel, rise to the top.

well, here's to hoping Tony doesn't follow the same path as Biffle did in 2008, even though you can't consider Biffle's run that year bad. And the way things have been going for Tony up until lately, 3rd in points at the end, Tony would've said "I'll take it" 2 months ago ;)
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