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He's Winning and He's Talking: Tony Stewart's "Dead Weight"?

Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:34 am

Well Well Well look who's got NASCAR talking about him again and not foucsing soo much on the chase. And now it's monday and you havent heard A thing. From watching Stewart nearly all of my life, I can tell you one thing. He doesn't make his personal life public. And that's A good thing. What's the dead weight comment? Could be Stewart-Haas personal...that was already covered. So is it Jessica? Could very well be and that arises some hefty questions. Where's she been while Stewart was in victory lane the last 2 weeks? You would think if they had been together this much, she'd be there for him once he finally won. Which brings up the issue of facebook. He got "de-friended" and all the questions/comments regarding the issue(including mine and my friend's and my dad's and my mom's) on her fb page were removed by Monday. Why do we love Stewart? He's a down to earth guy. And what do down to earth guy's mean by dead weight and/or changes in your life? Lifestyle, health, EX GIRLFRIEND, etc.... While Nothing is for sure until he just comes out and say's it...we'll just have to sit and wait, Otherwise let's let them would be chasers know that their titles hopes are OVER IN DOVER!!!!!

Re: He's Winning and He's Talking: Tony Stewart's "Dead Weig

Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:07 pm

I LOVE the "OVER IN DOVER" driven2win14...very kool !!!!

It was said that he meant his problems in Australia, but that would have been big news down under and there's not a peep about it. So, I also think it was Jessica too. Guess time will
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