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Tony Stewart won't specify 'dead weight' he said played a ro

Tony Stewart won't specify 'dead weight' he said played a role in his victory at N.H.

LOUDON, N.H. – Tony Stewart apparently wanted to send a message after his victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Sunday, but he is keeping the details of his curious public comment on a need-to-know basis.

After his victory in the Sylvania 300, Stewart said on national television: “We got rid of some dead weight earlier this week, so it made it a lot easier. It’s been a big weight lifted off our shoulders – just sometimes you have to make adjustments in your life and we did that and it has definitely helped.”

What exactly was he referring to? Stewart wouldn’t say afterward.

“We're just going to leave it at that,” Stewart said.

But Stewart confirmed that he wasn’t talking about members of his Stewart-Haas Racing team and crew chief Darian Grubb joked: “Maybe he's talking about me and I just don't know it yet.”

Grubb also said he has not changed any team members.

“I haven't heard what he was talking about,” Grubb said. “I know he went and did a lot of dirt racing and had a lot of fun this week, kind of unloaded everything. Maybe it was a lot of dead weight off his mind.”

Stewart’s agent also was at the track, so it couldn’t have been that.

In April, Stewart talked on the Fox Sports prerace show about being happy in his personal life and his girlfriend, World of Outlaws and Sprint car racer Jessica Zemken. Stewart typically doesn’t talk much about his personal life but felt comfortable enough at that time to talk about her.

Zemken, who won a heat race and finished second in her races this past weekend, has a Facebook fan page, where several fans wrote messages about Stewart’s comments, but by Monday morning, all of them were deleted from the page.

Did his comments have anything to do with that personal relationship? Stewart has left it all to speculation.

“It is what it is,” he said.
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