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Re: Tony Not Impressed with media

Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:39 pm

Well, have you SEEN Shannon? LOL She's gorgeous IMO so that doesn't really make him look any better, plus she works for that little-known outfit called ESPN. :-)

I just remember the last time he really lashed out at a reporter, it happened to be a woman also. Remember the one who asked him what he thought about some fans thinking NASCAR is too safe? Tony really humiliated her. He asked her if they should cut off some of the legs in the press room because things had gotten boring (which was actually quite funny) but then he carried it too far and said things like, "Are you paying attention? etc." Some people might wonder if he would take that attitude with a male reporter. Just sayin....:-)

Re: Tony Not Impressed with media

Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:28 pm

I loved to see a bit of the old Tony. The guy in the blue was laughing a bit. Marty Smith saved Jenna for sure. I wish she would come up with intelligent questions. It wouldn make her seem less like a rookie. I didn't see anything wrong with the article though.

I didn't hear any cuss word either...hummmm

Re: Tony Not Impressed with media

Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:00 pm

Smokeshow14 wrote:
tlmerk wrote:This is NOT going to be a popular opinion but I read Jenna's article and think she was more than fair with Tony and actually enjoyed the read. She seemed to be accurate and it wasn't too biased. I don't think I could have written such a piece after basically being spanked by Mr. Stewart himself. I hate when he does that. So pick on the media as a whole, but to single out journalists who are trying to make a living is BS. I don't think he showed class at all. And I think I CAN say that because he's probably my favorite driver of all time. Plus, I would like him to find a female journalist that he actually gives Kudos to so he doesn't appear so mysoginistic.

He seems to like Shannon Spake pretty well.

Well I like Shannon Spake :mrgreen:
actually she was really funny the one time during a rain delay she put the Dinger in his place (all in fun of course)
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