Post Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:35 pm

Tony Stewart Team Chevy Q&A

Yesterday at 4 p.m. Tony came to the Team Chevy stage to do a Q&A session. Was the first time I'd ever seen him in person (aside from on the back of the truck during driver intros) and was quite the memorable experience. He was in a great mood, was witty as all get out, and as quotable as ever. Talking about a Jeff Gordon fan at the front of the stage who had put "Mississippi" on her sign, Tony said "I'm just glad she could spell Mississippi." Then, in reference to Jeff's fans, he said "My fans have more balls." That got some laughter and some "Oooos!" One of the most hillarious parts is he was trying to answer a question, some woman up near the front said something and he snapped off at her. "I've been doing this for the last 13 years of my life, I know how it works. You fill out that Kevin Harvick shirt very well too. Both up and side to side."
"This one's for every one of those fans in the stands that pull for me every week and take all the bull**** from everybody else." - Tony Stewart, July 29, 2007