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Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....



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Post Wed May 11, 2011 2:22 pm

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

So Ellen DeGeneres is asking for "funny signs & street signs" and the following are some of the contributions - ( bad grammer and all.... )
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Best sign I ever saw was a "Dead End" street sign and at the end of the street...a cemetery!

I saw a sign one time for "Animal Hospital" right next to one that said "Flea Market."

Off the expressway in Troy, Mi a Sign reads: Big Beaver - Exit 69

The funniest sign I saw said" If you can't read this sign please call this number"

Funniest road sign I saw was "Dips Ahead." It was near a state capital.

The funniest one I've ever seen was in Oklahoma (yeah I know big surprise)
The sign said,

"State property, do not molest, violators will be prostituted"

another of my favorites was a billboard for an aquarium next to sushi restaurant

the funniest sign i saw was "brand new antiques"

My favorite is F***ing, Austria. Even better, they had to cement the town's sign deep into the ground because English speaking tourists were stealing it and only coming to the town to pose with the sign. And in the article the one person who lived in F***ing, Austria said tourists always ask him "Where is the f***ing gift shop?" Look it up!

Going down thru georgia I found a sign at a street corner a single sign having two different names for the same street. one way was Trojan Street. The other way was Clinic Street.

There is a sign on Electric Avenue in Concord NH that says "No Outlet"

the funniest sign i have seen was in the phillapines. ERECTION A HEAD. they were putting up a building.

Cross streets sign in Ann Arbor, Mi reads "Nixon/Bluett".

have read a sign which says .." GO ... SLOW MEN AT WORK". was it meant to say: "Go Slow, Men At Work"?

I loved the one I saw. It was an old church sign stating that "the best position is on you knees".

theres a cemetery in Buffalo named "Amigone"

Oh and there is also a ####, Norway. And because it is in frosty Norway, it does occasionally freeze over.

In the Hill Country of Texas you have to go through Welfare before you find Comfort.

west chester , ohio has a corner of Grin and Barret

I saw a sign that was supposed to read "WATCH FOR ICE ON BRIDGE" Someone put an "M" in front of ice

My contribution the one that "El Rushbo" mentioned in central South Carolina(which is a whole other country) is a road sign showing Clinton in one direction and Prosperity in another...just sayin'

the funniest one i've seen was "ADULT VIDEO", and right before that sign was "JESUS IS WATCHING YOU.."

My favorite sign was in a town in Kansas. The gas company is named "The People's Natural Gas"

sign for canyon dam in texas "SLOW DOWN SEE OUR DAM, SPEED UP SEE OUR @#$% JUDGE"

In Redding Ca There is a small stip mall with a Gun Store, a Pharmacy and a Liqour Store..... The big on the street for the mall was GUNS< DRUGS< BOOZE!!!!

A pet store is called Sniff Dawg. and the sign reads "Sniff Dawg (In Rear)"

On I-5 in San Diego, there used to be a sign that said "Cruise Ships use Airport exit"

The funniest one I saw was at the door of a funeral parlor: "Thank you, Come again"

And then there are the signs all over North Carolina: "BURN HEADLIGHTS DURING RAIN" Burn them? I tried, but they wouldn't catch fire during a rain.

There is a really great sign in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. It is the street sign at the intersection of 69th Street and Pleasure Avenue. As you might suppose, the street sign at that intersection gets stole a lot

In Greenville, NC there is Hooker Blvd that runs right up to the Convention Center. How convenient is that? !

Best sign ever: "Parking in Rear" outside a Gay club. Classic!

Somebody sent me a list of these with a railway station sign in Sweden? that read "Do not stand too close to the railroad platform while a train is in motion...you will be sucked off". Let's go!

Church sign near Aurora, Missouri, "Hurting people welcome here."

I saw this one on a community center:
'Don't forget, alzheimers meeting thursday'

And last but not least......

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

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Post Wed May 11, 2011 5:43 pm

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

Best sign ever: "Parking in Rear" outside a Gay club. Classic!

Two Gays walkin down the street, & they see a morque. One looks at the other & says> "U want to go in & have a COLD One"!!!!!!!!
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Post Thu May 12, 2011 1:30 am

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....


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Post Thu May 12, 2011 7:03 am

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

Funny stuff.
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Post Thu May 12, 2011 8:41 am

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

Yup, I fell for it. I stopped reading before I got to the "bridge out" part. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post Sun May 15, 2011 10:42 pm

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

Best sign I have ever seen read "Dave Thomas for coroner" it was located in a Wendy's parking lot lol
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Post Mon May 16, 2011 7:07 pm

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

There is a gas station in Tipton In., at the corner of Indiana 28 and U.S. 31 that reads:

Sherrils Eat Here and Get Gas. I've seen it.
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Post Tue May 17, 2011 4:33 pm

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A-Signs....

Great posting. This sign was put painted on the window of a small diner when the owner was out of town. "Ptomaine Palace." When the owner returned he thought it was so funny he left it on the window. This was done in a small town we lived in years ago. The one who did the painting owned the small diner across the street. What this did was give the Ptomaine Palace a ton of publicity.
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