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Do we need....................................

Sun May 25, 2014 11:18 pm

a moderator? Someone/or a group of someones who police the board on a daily basis?

There was a very nice number of us in chat for the race this evening(wish I had counted exactly how many) and someone asked me if a certain member here had real influence on the board. He had asked because this certain person intimates that they do. I told him that no, no one who is a member here has the power to exert their will over other members and what they post. It did get me to thinking however that it might be time for a suggestion to be made to Animink. What do you all think?

Re: Do we need....................................

Sun May 25, 2014 11:41 pm

Great post, and nicely expressed Doc....
I have not been in favor of asking to remove a member, thinking that there is some entertainment value in it all. However, there have been several members who have openly felt removal of the offending character is the best for the site.

There are only a handful of regular posters on this site. The reason for that could well be attributed to the offending character.

So, it may be in the best interests of the site, AND the members to move forward and contact Animink. Each on their own, and in their own words. Maybe the poster could be given some time off in order to rethink his anger, rage issues.

I'll roll with the majority, if the gang wants him either warned OR banned, I am with yuh.
Afterall, the site exists to bring SHR fans together, not drive wedges or specific agenda's.

Let's pm between us all and form up a posse.

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 12:08 am

Personally I don't feel the need for a moderator. I've chosen to block our offensive friend for quite some time now. The only time I see his posts are when they're quoted or if I don't log in. I'm just a little leery of a mod getting in the middle of things. I have reported him a few times when his name calling has gotten out of hand and for me that's enough. Just my opinion. BTW though, some of the remarks he draws in are quite entertaining... :lol:

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 12:16 am

I want to make my intention on inviting opinions on this subject crystal clear. I personally have only contacted Animink one time..and that was to secure some missing points in the weekly picks game. One time since 2009. No drama here friends.

I've always attempted to get to know people here in the forums, the chat room and via PM's. I enjoy all of our differences and our common interest in racing. We all come from different walks of life, we are in different phases of our lives and I have the utmost respect for EVERYONE''S opinion. Just because you don't agree with me I don't think you are wrong.

In making this post I'd like to get some folks to reflect on their role here. At this point in time we are all members with the same standing. Just because you post the most does not give you higher power or qualify you to pass yuourself off as a decision maker. And like wise if you continually call attention to yuourself with negative and often derogatory comments about other members maybe you should rethink your decision to remain a member.

I'm getting more than a little irritated and my ability to block some comments is not nearly enough at times.

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 1:07 am

Well... I believe in free speech and tolerance of difference in opinions.

I never believe in an angry mob ... or a mob mentality.

Those things will never change in me. No person can be "too much" to push me over the line and change my mind.

I got blamed for having someone I disliked & fought with ( Spanish Trash ) banned and my hands were 100% clean. I was sorry to see Gambit Cereal go ... But these were decisions made by a company that runs this site and holds people accountable for their actions.

I imagine Animink Inc doesn't care an awful lot about some complaints made - take it either way -

they don't care because the "charges" seems frivolous & unfounded ( to me )

or they will care ... and not much care for the member doing it perhaps ... up to them.

At the end of the day ... I have found in life ... that I can not protect myself from (idiot) people who bother me with one thing or another. Believe me... I have tried. As soon as "they needed killin " was deemed NOT a legal defense... I had to change strategies.... grrr.... and learn to ignore & push on ... glad I live in a society where people can be jerks in public ... and not be killed for it. :-)

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 3:11 am

I feel similarly. I have only contacted Animink regarding never having my points reset at the Chase. The only circumstance I can think of that would cause me to ask that another member be removed from this site is if he/she was making threatening or sickening posts targeted at one person. I have not seen this happen and so I would not get behind someone ousting another member. My feeling is--- don't read the posts of this person. Part of the attraction of a site like this is that we all get to post our opinions and they don't all match. It would be boring if we all felt the same way. I don't even know for sure who you're talking about, but I think we can all step up and tell them to quit being a jerk if that's what they're doing. There is free speech and there is bullying. I don't think we need a moderator to get rid of someone who is not on this site to talk NASCAR or meet racing buddies, we can "get rid" of them ourselves IMO. Guess, I'm not in the threads where this person is causing the problems or I may have a different opinion ???

Just my 2 cents...

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 4:27 am

I am a moderator on two sites now and was a moderator on another site before these. A lot of these issues are nothing new to me. I know one thing I have enjoyed about this site, I don't have to moderate it and nor would I want to. That said, from everything I have seen, there is nothing that warrants somebody being banned...sure this person can be irritating, but I think we all have that streak in us from time to time with different people on different issues no matter where we stand.

On the other site that I did moderate, people were way more intense and have had their user IDs temporarily suspended for a week here and a week there. In most cases they come back with a different attitude and in a few cases they don't come back at all. They didn't like the idea of being reprimanded, but it was not the opinion of a single moderator to suspend somebody it usually took four or five of us this way it did not look like there was any unfair treatment. The two sites I moderate right now, there are four of us on one of them as to which it only takes two of us to decide to suspend or remove somebody as to which has only happened once. The other site there is only two of us and we both have to agree on reprimanding somebody and it has happened a few times to different ones and we have banned four in the last year for various reasons. This last one is a Christian Forum run by our church and if people from around the country can't keep it clean, they be gone or reprimanded real fast.

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 4:39 am

as we speak one person is holding this site hostage and seems to get a kick out of it....Always befitting people, making fun of their comments, screaming and yelling if you dont follow his rules, rules btw he doesnt have to follow, when he is called on the same stuff he cries about, he will call people ignorant or chastise them for even bringing anything up. i do not agree with some members tactics of coddling him so he doesnt flip out and complimenting him on a good post, common sense should tell how this person should act towards people. If he hates it here so much then leave! However he can not do it, his narcissism wont allow him to leave.

I really wish Animink would take a hour and just read the posts of this past weekend and they will see who the trouble maker is, but sometimes i get that feeling that helping this site run better is beneath them. Do we need a monitor? I dont think so, for years we have policed ourselves and things have worked out, but if you argue back to this member Animink will reprimand the person who fought back more than reprimand said member. This is a fun site, but the life is being sucked out of it and even the new crowd has left because they got tired of being yelled at by this member.. the only way to this will be resolved is if more members write to Animink, so they start to take this seriously.

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 4:54 am

Another reason why I like not being a moderator on this site, I can block anybody I want for as long as I want and there is nothing they can say about it because I don't have to read the crud that they are making others read. Just block him is what I say. Don't know how, here is how you do it:

Click on User Control Panel
Click on Friends and Foes
Click on Manage Foes
On the ADD NEW FOES box, type the user ID of the person you want to block so you no longer see their comments
Click Submit

That is it

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 6:59 am

blocking never works, because there is always someone who will quote what he said, so you end up seeing the trash anyways......

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 8:54 am

Well said Doc. I know what you are talking about. This site use to be great but as they say one bad apple. I have only contacted Animink when I have problems trying to log in. It is sad that one or two persons are running people away from this site and I am one of them. I don't come around much because stating an opinion whether good, bad or indifferent gets you wrath and who needs it. We all come here to enjoy each others company but it has become not so fun anymore. I do really enjoy the chat room because it feels like when this site first started.
As far as contacting Animink it is something to consider in my opinion, but as MJ stated the complainer seems to get in more trouble than the ones causing the problems.

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 1:18 pm

In the nine months I have been posting here and spending race days in the chat room the only consistently abusive poster has been racer1.

Sure others snap at each other once in a while but racer1 has daily abusive tirades against the rank and file of this site.

Here is today's first posting by racer1:

Hey STUPID--it wont be me that's banned as I've & sent & received today PM messages from this Animink person about YOU & others here for some time now. I reported your threats you made
to me which is typical of ignorant redneck mentality but also Ive filed the threatening complaint to the cyber crime unit as i stated so they can deal with YOU also so--keep laughing. :lol: :lol:

If by any chance his letters to the administration are taken seriously by them I certainly hope they do not take his word for conditions but instead actually look at his history of abusive posting. Those that answer him may do so in less than a cordial manner but are only doing so as a form of self defense.

I am not in favor of banning posters but prefer to see problems taken care of with peer pressure of the other members to the site. However we may be in a zone here where he is poisoning the site and discouraging valuable postings from those that he makes uncomfortable.

Bottom line is there is one problem member. This is obvious to all of us. Only one member fights with a lot of individual members and the moderators or administration needs to be aware of who that member is. It is racer1

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 2:42 pm

My 2 cents as another (previous) forum moderator....

This place really doesn't need one. Not in regards to one, or a couple, members who may be initiating some negative conversations.
Blocking a member can only do so much, because y'all know you'll see them quoted. If you really wish to see someone disappear, than just do it. Don't reply to their posts, no matter how much it may irk you. That's easier said than done.
Some people like that confrontation. Image
Some other people like that entertainment. Image

A moderator could serve other issues here. They could combine multiple threads on the same topic and move posts when needed. (These things drive me a little crazy as a former mod who's a little ocd :lol: )
They could answer questions about the site from newbies, or even older members.
They could issue warnings when needed too, but that is pretty rare here. From what I've read these 2 racing seasons I've been here, there was only one, maybe 2 previous members, who were problems, and they're not here anymore. Sometimes, things just have to run their course. ;)

And, while not expensive, a moderator would cost a little, unless someone just volunteers for it. And with that, the site and SHR would need to be very, very confident that the moderator represents them the way they want to be. That's likely a bigger burden than the $ they'd pay a mod.

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 3:06 pm

[quote="Jellikit"]My 2 cents as another (previous) forum moderator....

A moderator could serve other issues here. They could combine multiple threads on the same topic and move posts when needed. (These things drive me a little crazy as a former mod who's a little ocd :lol: )

Jellikit, well said...making duplicate posts on one or a very similar subject annoys me to no end. I wish some members would be a little more thoughtful when creating a new thread.

I personally don't think it is just 1 poster ( notice my use of 1) who hijacks and makes our site less than top notch. I would think if I was a poster that 1 called out by name saying he had respect for I would tread cautiously as well.

When posting on the site ask yourself a few questions such as could what I'm posting easily be found elsewhere by ALL members who cruise the web and are plugged in? Am I creating something that is truly thought provoking or just a rah rah for me or my driver? Or am I instigating another member to go off or worse, off subject?

Just some food for thought. I want to make this the best possible. For everyone's enjoyment at the end of the day. Join me won't you?

Re: Do we need....................................

Mon May 26, 2014 5:09 pm

Well... it's nice ( relieving, actually... lol ) to know that there are others out there, like me ... who are probably a little on the OCD side of keeping the site nice & tidy & organized. :-)

I don't want to tell anyone how to do anything ... but a few lil OCD idea's do spring to mind.
Keep 'em, use 'e, toss 'em, make fun of & at them ... they're free :-)

1. Pictures - How about we keep MOST of the recent pictures of somebody in the Pictures blog?
I'm just asking if we need a new blog every time someone puts out a new pic? Missed a cute pic because it didn't have a "LOOK AT ME" title? Your fault for not checking the picture blog .. especially if you see recent posts.

2. A "Help!" blog - ? ? Here, anyone that wants help ... from prayers, to "I need a '64 tail light" - to help - how do I? And how about a HOW TO blog? Someone asks "How do I?" & someone answers.
Do we really need a new blog for every question, prayer request or need ?

3. Give us little thumbs up or down - - - like or dislike - - - and maybe the crowd can get a feel for what the majority is saying ... or the minority. It would be easier to click a button - rather than quote and write something. Time is valuable - if you ( Animink ) want to know the heart beat of the the site - let peeps tell you, quickly w/1 button.

Just a few idea's ... :-)
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