Post Wed May 14, 2014 10:29 pm

Down East Dickering

Only in Maine...

Do you catch the bleep about 7 minutes into the show when they were talking about Redneck _____

and that blank is Olympics. About four years ago the US Olympic Committee went ballistic and sued the organization that created the Redneck Olympic Games. Even though they are nothing like the real Olympics. Talk about a bunch of idiots at the US Olympic Committee who took things way too personally and this actually caused several organizations across the country to drop the name Olympics from their games unless given permission by the US Olympic Committee. Several organizations included youth organizations to senior groups. Talk about a group of people who have become full of themselves.

I am looking at some of these trades .... snowmobile for a hovercraft
$40 for two chain saws and a non-running snowmobile
$100 for storage trailer and everything in it
and list goes on...

In Honor of my nephew serving our country out of Baumholder Army Base in Germany.