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Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Sunday

Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:34 pm

Annalee wrote:Smoke14 wins.......if this is the spray you want, you can get it on Amazon. I use this and love it.

Yes yes yes! That's the one I have. I have 2 bottles here & one at my folks house. I looked at every store I've gone to & no one has it. It must be they've quit making it & on-line is the only place who'll have it, that's what I'm assuming. Thanks for letting me know where it's at :)

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Tuesday

Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:51 am

Goooood Morning SHR

Not going to be to bad a day in raleigh today.It's in the low70's and going into the mid 80's

Tues 7/09
Nascar Race Hub 7:00 am SPEED
Nascar Race Hub 6:00 pm SPEED
Nascar Now 2:00 am ESPN2
Ricky Craven, James Buescher, Sam Hornish Jr.

Thoughts and Prayers to All
Have a Great and Safe Day

Seeeee Ya's

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Tuesday

Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:01 am

Mornin gang, goin to be a HOT one in Flori-Duh today :roll: 73* now, goin up for a high of 92*.......

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Tuesday

Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:28 am

Yup, going to be hot one here too ... 73* :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

We had been in the 90s most of last week, so this actually feels kind of nice. We are having Vacation Bible School this week and I am Game Director. Kids had a blast yesterday.

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Daytona in July

Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:30 am

Smoke14Wins wrote:
HiddenHollow wrote:
Smoke14Wins wrote:But the traffic on 4 :shock: :evil: Oh my lord. There wasn't a day we didn't see 3-4 accidents where ever we went. People drive like nuts around here. I think it tops Chicago.

It's all them out-of-staters. ;) :lol: :mrgreen:

HAA.......Some of them were locals. But since our boo-boo last night, I guess all them accidents we seen everyday going to & from where all we went was hydroplaning.

So frightening knowing your vehicle is supposed to stop with breaks on & it's not slowing down. It's like being on ice, out of control. I can just try to enhance in my mind that bump we had at the speeds them NASCAR drivers go in their bumps & just try to place that feel. Yikes :shock: I know it hurts them, but that was a reminder.

On traffic, it's actually a combination of both locals and tourists. The locals, as I was for 25 years in FL, perceive everything as a piece of cake, in terms of navigating the roads. It's a little bit the same in every major city, but more amplified in Florida, because of there being so many tourists. Locals are familiar with the roads and traffic patterns. We know where we want to go, how to get there the quickest, and we generally know where we can go a little faster. Tourists obviously are checking the scenery, and a lot of the time, their maps. They're just not going to go as fast because of those things, and the lack of comfort in their surroundings.
It's that speed difference that causes mishaps. If it's large enough, that difference is what causes the major wrecks. Speed doesn't kill, speed difference does. :!: :!:

So glad you're okay smoke. I used to travel from Orlando through south GA about 15 times a year, and a few times a year, on up through ATL and into the Smokey Mts. I can attest, GA and FL has got some drivers on very different agendas, especially when you throw in the 18 wheelers. It makes for a drive that requires good attention, and a bailout plan to be constantly reevaluated, should something happen right in front of you. ;)

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Wednesday

Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:00 am

Goooood Morning SHR

73* and overcast and a chance of a pop-up t-storm.

Wed 7/10

Nascar Race Hub 7:00 am SPEED
NASCAR Sprint Cup Replay, Daytona 12:00 pm SPEED
NASCAR Race Hub 6:00 pm SPEED
Chad Hackenbracht, Steve Addington

Thoughts and Prayers to All
Have a Great and Safe Day

Seeeee Ya's

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Wednesday

Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:16 am

Finally, a morning I didn't have to get up at any certain time.

Today's weather.......We're at 83* right now with some clouds at 70% humidity & going to get to 87* as a high. There is 60% afternoon T-Storms with 75% humidity.

July 10 is . . . . Clerihew Day

Brad Doty Classic WoO At Limaland in Ohio................go get em Tony!

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Wednesday

Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:49 am

LIMA, Ohio – Late Tuesday afternoon, Limaland Motorsports Park officials working with World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series officials decided it would be in the best interest of fans and racers to push back the Brad Doty Classic to Thursday.

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Wednesday

Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:09 am

July 11 is . . . . National Cheer Up The Lonely Day

Time for some coffee to wake up by [ ]/
[ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/ [ ]/

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Wednesday

Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:24 am

I hate road runner internet service!
They changed the look of the home page & now I can't log in to get my mail. It changed my home city to another city before & it messed with me being able to get mail for some reason, wouldn't accept anything, keeps saying
Your session has expired. Please log in again.

What does it think I'm trying to do!? I went to change it back to Cincinnati where I got it to work before when they changed stuff a few weeks ago & now I can't pick a city, it wants a zip code. I put my real zip code in & still it's telling me my session expired & to log in.


Road Runner is as bad as AOL

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Thursday

Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:56 pm

Goooood Afternoon SHR

I have tried 4 times to post today schedule, and everytime some one interupts me. I had 4 standing at the door this morning, thinking I got there at 6:30 and I told them I'm lucky to be here by 5 minute to 7:00

THUR 7/11

Nascar Race Hub 6:00 pm SPEED
Nascar Now 1:00 am ESPN2
Travis Pastrana, Ryan Preece, Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart

Thoughts and Prayers to All
Have a Great and Safe Day

Seeeee Ya's

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Friday

Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:38 am

Goooood Morning SHR

72* and rain in the area. Only going to 79* for the hi with t-storms off + on. Going to be another wet ride home again this week.

FRI 7/12
Nascar Race Hub 7:00 am SPEED
Sprint Cup Series Practice 12:00 pm SPEED
Nationwide Final Practice 1:30/10:00 pm SPEED
NASCAR Live, New Hampshire 3:00/11:30 pm SPEED
Sprint Cup Series Qualifying 3:30/8:00 pm/12:30 am SPEED

Thoughts and Prayers to All
Have a Great and Safe Day

Seeeee Ya's

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Friday

Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:50 am

July 12 is . . . . National Pecan Pie Day

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Friday

Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:07 am

Smoke14Wins wrote:July 12 is . . . . National Pecan Pie Day

:shock: Ooooo... gimme a BIG ol' piece of that!! :D :D

Sorry to hear about your fender-bender, Smoke. Other than that and the traffic on I-4, how was the trip to Flori-duh? :D Did that 60% chance of rain find you? ;)

Re: Goooood Morning SHR - Friday

Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:18 am

Hot for me, but survived with the store A/C time to time while at Universal Studios.

Yes, the rains found us, had to wear rain ponchos time to time, but it was short lived when we were out & about. Went to Universal July 2nd, 3rd, & 5th. Was told the 4th would be awful so we stayed away that day. The longer harder rains were while we were driving or not doing something so we got lucky.

Bought the boys the speed pass for the first 2 days, just the one time use per ride pass, not the unlimited all day pass. Sometimes their speed pass was looked at, other times it was scanned, & sometimes not looked at, so they got to use it more than once on some stuff. :mrgreen:

Kids had a ball riding the roller coasters & some of the other inside stuff. But it's not what it was 12 or so yrs ago. Too much money. They do have the thrill coasters, but not worth the price. Kids will have more fun with a Kings Island season's pass (which we have) to ride their roller coasters & use the pools.

We are planning (maybe) going back to see some other theme parks. Well have to see what they have & how much to determine it that price is worth it.

I assume the bad traffic we encountered no mater where we went is the normal for summer when schools are out?

What about spring break? Traffic then & how's the weather.

Saturday the hubby dropped me & the boys off at Daytona track so we could walk around & he went to the mall across the road. The parking lot attendant wanted to charge him $40 to park. He told him he's not there to see the race, he's going to the mall. We wasn't with him, we was over at the track, he dropped us off on a side road. The parking attendant told him you have out of state plated. My hubby said "yes & so what, that doesn't mean I'm going to the race either does it. The attendant said I'll have your vehicle towed. Hubby said you go right on ahead & have it towed, we'll go round & round when it does too because I'm walking into that mall, that's where I'm headed & going to the mall does not cost $40 to park! The attendant said to him as he was walking away, you vehicle will be tagged after hours & then they'll deal with you.

Well, Mr mouth parking attendant didn't have anything done because my hubby went inside the mall until I called him up on the cell phone to tell him come pick us up.

Visited a few activity areas, didn't do everything. Had a plinko game with tires. Had to be 18 & had to get the trivia question correct before you could walk up these bunch of steps to drop a tire down to see what or if you win anything. So the boys couldn't do that & I didn't feel like attempting to lift an empty tire so we went on after watching one man do it. Didn't stay to see what he won.

Stopped at the live speed TV thing with Kenny Wallace & what's his name. We made up signs for TV, but don't know if we made it on screen or not. Stayed for almost 2 hrs there but left & that's when we left the track & went on to the beach. Found a free parking spot next to a hotel & we stayed there about 15 mins & left to go back to our place we were staying.
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