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Re: Weekly Picks & Meal Club for 2013

Wed May 22, 2013 6:58 pm

I did...oops :twisted:

Re: Weekly Picks & Meal Club for 2013

Wed May 22, 2013 7:49 pm

Sheeeesh, & I just had a POT-PIE for dinner too :roll: :roll: :roll: :twisted:

Re: Weekly Picks & Meal Club for 2013

Wed May 22, 2013 11:04 pm

My father says shall we give him his birthday presents tonight. My mother says, but I have not even wrapped them yet. My father says, what difference is that going to make...you know he is just going to tick you off by telling you what it is anyway. So she gives in and says oh all right but at least one of them he will never guess. I look at her and say now Mom you should know better than that.

So my Dad comes out with this huge 18.5oz can of popcorn and it is fully decorated with everything Tony. His face, his car, a bunch of his sponsors, the #14, him with his helmet. It has butter flavored popcorn, cheese flavored popcorn, and carmel flavored popcorn. Funny thing is, both Mrs B and I were wondering what we were going to use to put all our pennies in now...question answered. We had given our five gallon water jug to the school for a penny drive to help out the local animal shelter.

Anyway, my mother comes out with this box. I love playing these games with her. I shake it to the right and left. Then I shake it up and down. Then I feel it for the weight. Then I sit there with a big grin on my face and say it is a Tony Stewart hat and t-shirt. She storms out of the room saying how does he do it, been doing it ever since he was a kid, it drives me nuts, I can hide it at a friends house so he has no idea that it is here and what happens...he still guesses it. My father and I are just laughing. They got me one of Tony's hats that has the #14 on it. They also got me one of his white t-shirts that says STEWART under that it says #14 under that is the SHR logo.

As I type this I have my mother on speaker phone and she would like to know if anybody else out there has a kid with this same annoying knack of guessing gifts and adds that I am very rarely wrong. She just wants to know if she is alone in this world on this particular point. She adds that she really hopes that there is some parent that is punished in this same twisted way like I have done to her for so many years. She is now saying I must be an alien because no human could actually do this...now she is looking for somebody to blame. I keep reminding her. This is the same kid that at the age of two went through a plate glass door, onto the porch, then down the stairs, onto the grass, was not crying, did not cut himself or get a single bruise, thought that was fun and wanted to do it again. My mother says I was demented as a child and now begins to wonder after looking at the things I have done at school board meetings and wonders if I am just as demented as I was back then.

Re: Weekly Picks & Meal Club for 2013

Thu May 23, 2013 12:25 am

Well have a great B-day Beaver!

I drive my wife nuts doing the same thing. This year we went to her parent's place in Alabama and she had one of my/our gifts shipped there. Obviously I never saw it. It was a pretty big box that wouldn't make any noise shaking it, and about medium to light weight. We hadn't really discussed anything, but I knew we kind of needed a new one...so I guessed "coffee maker."

It's a nice one. :lol:

Hope Tony brings you a win for your birthday this weekend.

Re: Weekly Picks & Meal Club for 2013

Thu May 23, 2013 12:32 am

What I really want is a 14, 39, 10...but that is a pipe dream. Lil'Beaver has told me she is going to pick to them that way thinking that they will pull it in for me...yea right, keep dreamin'. Could not do last weekend it for Tony and his birthday was this week. Maybe he is holding out for this weekend because it is points race...nahh
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