Post Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:46 am

FOOTBALL WEEKEND 12/1/12-12/2/12!

My Ohio State Buckeyes finished un-defeated this year at 12-0! There were at least seven players up for Big Ten Players Of The Year I believe? I know, what's the use if your team is under a suspension. But, it was a great year! :D

My Cincinnati Bengals gave our old QB Palmer a spanking last Sunday in his inaugural home coming since wanting out of Cincinnati in 2010. He got his wish and was sent to the Raiders......not a very good team I must say! He handled it well........... :D

Now, the Bengals are as hot as any team in the NFL right now at 6-5-0. Not win/loss record wise hot but in week to week successful performances! Cincinnati has to travel to California to face the Chargers with a record of 4-7-0. Not getting all caught up in stats at this point. The Chargers are very capable of giving Cincinnati a whoopin! Let's hope they don't............... :roll: It's a 4:00PM game(EST) so I will be able to see it live for a change thankfully! ;)

Yes, I was worried about the Bengals in October. A whole month with NO wins. But, for what ever reason, they are now playing like they should with sophomore QB Andy Dalton(The Red Riffle) as we affectionately call him! Running back A.J. Green is the best in the NFL right worries as far as A.J...............

So, let's hear about YOUR favorite team/teams if you care to! :D