Post Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:38 am

NASCAR Ranting and Raving

Tonight's a little bit of an end of an era for me. NASCAR Ranting and Raving is closing down as SB Nation shifts to their new "United" platform. All of the personal blogs are being consolidated into the main site's individual sports hubs and then closed down.

NRR's head guy Bob Ellis contacted me during the 2009-10 offseason about writing for the site - one of 25 of NASCAR's "citizen journalist" sites - and posting some of my cartoons there. I used to write up a bunch of stories and stuff and post them on message boards, but that was about my only audience, so it was a big deal for me to get that audience. Well, come March of that first year, I just about blew things up with my temper. I went off on Jeff Gluck - a NASCAR reporter who happens to run SB Nation's NASCAR hub - on Twitter and the internet podcast I used to host with my ex, as well as NASCAR's own Twitter person over stuff that, in hindsight, was pretty stupid to go off for. Bob went to bat for me to keep me on even though SBN and NASCAR both, lets say, recommended he not keep me on. He won out and I got to stay on the site and have made amends with Jeff. He actually emailed me tonight saying he'd be looking at my writing and hopefully posting some of it on the main site.

That September, Jason Kirk from SB Nation Atlanta contacted Bob about getting someone to write a preview for the Atlanta race. Of course I jumped at the chance. Then, right after Kurt Busch had won the 2011 Bud Shootout, I got an email from Jason offering me the spot as SBN Atlanta's new NASCAR guy, which would pay $50 a month. That's my current gig and with the new United platform will possibly end up getting some of my stuff on the main site's NASCAR hub as well.

Long story short Bob gave me a great opportunity that wound up opening a pretty big door for me and saved my butt when maybe he shoulda left me in the fire. I'm eternally grateful for that, and it's pretty bittersweet to see NRR go away.
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