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Re: SHR Avatars

smokieonefour wrote:[quote=...remember that dude that posted the porn in his gallery that one time...I miss that guy... :|

You've got to be kidding, right? Spanish Trash and his butter quacks?

The dude who posted a pic of sheep dicks, got tossed and everyone thought it was me or my fault, even tho Animink took the blame for it. Facts don't matter to some folks and it was still ME who got him kicked off. Sorry, wasn't me - it was Trashman that posted the pic and Animink that took it and him down.

I just fought with him because he was making fun of people with REAL mental disabilities and comparing members here to them, and man, did that make me mad at the time. He tried to get people to believe a mock / silly / made up website was true ( about mental disabilities ) and when shown to the group it was not, he started a personal attack against me.

Yeah, I remember the trash ... and glad he's gone and took his diversionary tactics to split this group with him.[/quote]

...slow ya' roll baby, SLOOOW YA' ROOOLLLL...I wuz' just talkin' bout da' boobz...Image :mrgreen:
Image Image that a breadstick or are you just happy to see me?