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Most overrated movies?

Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:00 am

I got a few in mind.

The Titanic. Man how did it become such a financial success? I understand it is a true story but it was just okay.

Another James Cameron film Avatar. The visuals and spectacular but the story reminds me of dances with wolves, Pocohantas and fern gully the last rain forest.

I liked Pinneapple Express but the way it is talked about there are better stoner movies.

Batman Forever was okay but some people think it is one of the best in the series not even close.

Jerry McGurie was a good movie but it was said to be like th emost funniest movie ever. It was more like a drama trying to be a dramity.

Re: Most overrated movies?

Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:51 pm

Mmmm. That's an interesting question. Never thought about it but I never really liked Titanic either. Ditto with Dances with Wolves (thought I love indian stories and loved Kevin C. in Robin Hood). Other movies I did not enjoy recently: Up In The Air (Love GC though).

And a movie I hated but everyone seemed to love: Black Swan. UGH!

Re: Most overrated movies?

Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:37 am

I actually liked Up in Air but a lot of people feel it was overrated. Though it is interesting it was nominated for best picture.

I saw the Black Swan and it was a actually a god movie but very creepy.

Another overrated movie or series would be the Sherk series. I dig the 1st two movies but they ae nothing speical. The thrid was so bad I didn't even bother with the fourth.
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