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Richmond Race & TG on Danica yr 2



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Richmond Race & TG on Danica yr 2

Well TG is her CC so saw his Q & A article about Danica yr 2, setups, chassis etc & re: Richmond etc so put it here--lots of info in this article.

Edited as race is over so TG didn't disappoint as her car was crap from the start but have to say I saw this coming--I hate being right. The fact this yr TG cant get her car better even with the help of last yrs computer setups that worked or didn't-- & using her teammates setups this yr as a guide--then she has NO chance of having better results without CC changes which has helped her in the past? Her CC change helped her back in NNS with JR Motorsports when Eury JR was replaced & her results greatly improved after that for the remaining races--says it all? 8-)

Oh well--there always some good--she & her teammates were all running at the end for a change--SURPRISE-- & didn't catch fire from bad tires ending their night like some others & she did beat Ricky & she stayed the same in owners points so? :lol: :lol:

BTW got bored so looked up Tony Gibsons stats AS A CREW CHIEF, some PT time as CC long ago but NOT very impressive as he had much more success as a car chief many many yrs ago but cars have changed ALOT since THEN--Hello. Check the win column for his drivers as only 3 wins as a CC in his 11 yrs AS A CC & all were Ryans-- so don't tell me Danica doesn't deserve better before shes gone because this old CC cant figure it out? Godaddy expects the best for her as that's what they PAY for, but shes NOT getting that & apparently Tony S or Haas CANT see it-- or DONT want to? :roll:


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Re: Richmond Race & TG on Danica yr 2

I agree, there is something that Danica, Tony and Kurt are not getting the Kevin is. If I were a sponsor I'd be dam sure of what my driver was being given for parts, setup and advice. The team outside of Kevin are all struggling. Seems to me Mr. Haas needs to get some of his business professionals to review the way things are being done and weed out the weaknesses before he takes off to F1, Tony is a great driver but not a business process & procedure guy. With today's cars and technology you can't set things up like they did even 5 years ago. The rules keep the cars so tight that you are scratching for a tenth. That is hard to find and not much a driver can do if the car doesn't have it. Hope things go better at Talladega.


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Re: Richmond Race & TG on Danica yr 2

Racer1, shows you how badass Ryan is. HE was able to win inspite of having TG as his CC. LOL :mrgreen:

Seriously though. I don't think you would get a single person on this site to disagree with you about TG sucking as a CC. Like I said though earlier this year. it took years before they replaced TG as Ryans CC, even though he never improved as one. Danica fans might be stuck with him for awhile.
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Re: Richmond Race & TG on Danica yr 2

i love the conspiracy theories already.......
I miss you Frehley........

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