Post Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:10 pm

How many knew this--Danica's dad?

Slow news day so I just found this kind of cool Danica connection--wonder if she is part of this also? I knew TJ was heavily into snowmobile racing etc, but now this newer co. for snowmobiles & more?? Aside from this new co. hes started those wanting to read more he discusses the connection to Indycars etc. ... &page_id=3

What isnt mentioned is he really doesn't care much for Nascar for many reasons, and wasn't happy Danica took that career choice away from Indycars. Course the family supports her but TJ will likely be at the Indy500 he usually always attends as he loves that race & reportedly they live there now anyway, rather then be at Charlotte watching Danica--strange as it may seem? We like what we like and that's that? :roll: