Post Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:49 pm

Danica most searched athelete on Yahoo & Bing ... tebow.html ... randspeak/

Danica remains strong in top atheletes searches for 2013.

She ranks 3rd in Yahoo top atheletes search and tops all female atheletes in this search.

She ranked 7th in Bing athelete top searches as only Lindsey Vonn beat her in this Bing search for the most searched female athelete, but Danica still showing lots of interest..

BTW--- look very hard to find any DRIVERS in this search in comparison to other atheletes not to mention Nascar isn't shown as a top search for sporting teams either?

This is bad news for all the gloom & doomers as she remains strong drawing interest to her and her brands and sponsors which she maintains well and has for a long time. Happy Holidays --8-)