Post Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:29 pm

Danica gets another sponsor and Honor

Just saw this: ... 00395.html


For those who say shes losing her popularity--yeh right? Danica was never about just Indycar or just Nascar now as they are simply platforms for her to use for her own brand she made hugely popular long ago and why Parsons went after her for Godaddy in the first place? Yes--her results matter as her Indy500 result in '05 helped launch her as when she does well all she represents skyrocket, but all her other bad results really arent relevant except for those trying to make a big deal out of it as they dont want her around--good luck with that. :lol:

BTW--all these other commercials and appearance shes does for other sponsors guess who still benefits from it--Godaddy. They are her main image aside from her own brand image so its a win win for Godaddy even if they dont put her in any more commercials as some are wondering on other sites? Just saying as they said long ago-- everyone knows She is our Godaddy girl--FIRST-- no matter what she does for others or where she goes --says it all. Poor girl--Ha Ha :lol: