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True comparison for Danica in Nascar



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Post Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:34 pm

True comparison for Danica in Nascar

Some People comparing what Danica has achieved in her 19 Cup races in Nascar to others in Nascar who gre up in Nascasr etc, have their heads up their As-s-s as per a CNN article and questions asked and answered the true comparison is this excerpt about where she came from which is Open wheel:

Question asked--"I would like to see how Danica compares to other open-wheel drivers who made the move to NASCAR."

-- Bob, Chico, Calif.

Your wish, my command. As a reminder: Patrick, through 19 races of her rookie year, is currently 27th in the standings.

*In his rookie season of 2008, Sam Hornish Jr., a three-time IndyCar champion, was 33rd in points after 19 races.

*In his rookie season of '08, Dario Franchitti, now a four-time IndyCar champ, was 37th in points after six races. He failed to qualify in his seventh race and then was injured in a wreck and missed several starts. He returned to IndyCar the following year.

*In his rookie season of 2007, Juan Pablo Montoya was 20th in points after 19 races.

What does all this mean? To me, it is further proof that what Patrick is accomplishing this season is impressive.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/racing ... z2ZVpLY8lJ

Therefore for the naysayers here who compare her to veterans give it a rest as the reality is this article and the stats of the other open wheelers in Nascar. The fact that Hornish as ive mentioned before taking so long 146 races to win a NNs considering how great he was in Indycar, makes him look worse now doesn't it, because at this point of 19 races he was much worse--end of story. :roll:


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Post Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:26 pm

Re: True comparison for Danica in Nascar

I guess that is a nice lil' spin on facts.
But heres the truth.
A. Danica has 29 cup races under her belt, & what is it a season & a half of NW seasons. Where as Dario, Hornish & JPM went straight from open wheels to cup.

B. we talked trash about how all of them (except maybe Dario who didn't last long due to a broken leg) sucked in a stock car. So why treat Danica different? (because she is a girl?)

C. Danica has 4 top 20's in those 19 races you only want to pay attention too. Not impressive at all. She would tell you that.

but I do give you an A for effort on trying to spin facts.
Good job! Image


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Post Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:14 am

Re: True comparison for Danica in Nascar

god love ya SCH for having the patience to entertain these thoughts, lets say racer is correct in everything he said, he or she thinks by saying this that it negates her IRL stats, sure it took sammy a couple years to catch on, but he is winning and is a former IRL champion, dario was lackluster, but he is a IRL champion, is danica?
I miss you Frehley........

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