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Texas--everyones happy--so far

Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:42 pm ... es-strides

Says it all I guess, stayed out of trouble and thats always good but she did suck at the GWC restart but she'll get better at that Iam sure.

Her best quote over her radio she commented was while following right behind and looking at Tony S bumper she said "seeing that means everything is pretty good".

No--Iam not getting "smileys" yet with this pairing as they had some slow pit stops I didnt like, but its their first race, but I do think TG knows he is under lots of eyes watching his performance so as some here said, he may try a little harder with her--we'll see-- but so far--so good. Tony and Ryan recovered with decent finishes. 8-) .

Phoenix has always been a tough home track for her (and ME) every race, so I dont expect much there, but we'll see? :roll:
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