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So much for Q scores? ... eal-strong

Excerps--for those who dont want to read the entire article:

"As one of the diminishing number of full-season sponsors in Sprint Cup, GoDaddy has aligned itself with a driver who remains very popular in comparison to her competitors, Schafer said. Patrick has ranked "among the top five most appealing race car personalities," he said, since 2008.

"Marketing, like racing, is a perpetual contest against every peer, and Patrick still excels in the off-track competition, according to Q Scores."

"[She's] right up there with Dale Earnhardt [Jr.], Jeff Gordon, in terms of awareness and in terms of likability, she's pretty much where they are at this point," Schafer said.

"Mark Dyer, Patrick's agent with the IMG Worldwide management group, said he was confident in Patrick's status as an endorser even before Q Scores were taken into context. Dyer told earlier this year that Patrick's portfolio of sponsors was all but filled out."

"Danica Patrick's popularity is evident at racetracks where men, women and children show their support. "There are a number of measures of celebrity awareness, what the public associates as attributes of these celebrities' brand," he said. "Danica scores very, very highly in a cross section of these types of ratings. If you use different methodologies, ask different questions, measure different things, she scores very, very high, not just in NASCAR or racing, but as a national celebrity and as an admired person and a trailblazer as a female competing in a predominantly male sport."

"Patrick's awareness score of 76 dwarfed the group average of 40 among female athletes assessed by the company this year, and her overall score of 19 tied Venus Williams and edged Serena Williams by a point. The Williamses were the only female athletes to better Patrick's awareness score, at 87 and 85, respectively."

"Earnhardt Jr., the Sprint Cup series' perennially most popular driver, has a 22 Q Score, down from 28 in 2011, and Gordon's is 21, negligibly down from 22 in 2011."

Interesting as i wondered how Dale Jr would rank in comparison--now we know as he has dropped as well. Still good though--Interesting stuff and the article does go on to say she could probably raise her Q score more by better results, but I think thats obvious, but not a necessity at this point as next yr in cup its not likely to produce great results but??. :roll: