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Re: So far Danica looks

Schmoopy1000 wrote:
futura64 wrote:
Schmoopy1000 wrote:Only thing I didnt like was the more confident she was the crappier her attitude was.

Oh but Schmoop, the attitude is all part of the appeal. She just doesn't have the skill down quite yet that comes with the experience in these cars. It will come. I've been fortunate enough to have been around this stuff through the racing careers of two other guys who had "attitude". Some loved them, some didn't.


Well I was never a Dale Sr. fan. But if she needs the attitude to be confident so be it. BTW I am not talking of how she was yelling at her CC though. I am talking about how she talked about every driver she was around. It was like she was the only one that knew how to drive a race car. That attitude will get her in trouble eventually. Also I get the feeling she doesnt like her teammate (Cole Whitt) to much? Has she liked any of her teammates on the Indy side? I seem to hear she has friction with a lot of them.

Cole is/was blocking her more than other drivers.. And he wrecked her in Daytona.. I think Cole also dislike her..

She had some conflicts with teammates or other drivers, but they are friends..
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