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Godaddy to sponsor Danica for 2 yr deal with SHR



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Godaddy to sponsor Danica for 2 yr deal with SHR

No press release yet but just heard on Race Hub when asked about Godaddy today and if it would affect her racing and they said apparently NOT as SHR reported she HAD a 2 yr deal with SHR & Godaddy. Godaddy despite its lame PR stupidity knows when they have a good thing--apparently? Course we dont have all the details as i doubt they are primary for all her races but she has others who will be Iam sure as Tissot is her primary this weekend for her NNS car.

This is what I was wondering as her actual Godaddy contract is up after next yr so I was only expecting a 1 yr deal to follow through on the original Cup deal of PT this yr and FT in 2013 but I'll bet SHR wanted an extra yr at least? :) :)


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Re: Godaddy to sponsor Danica for 2 yr deal with SHR

take for what its worth, again just posting cuz it deals with SHR


Is Danica Patrick being kicked to the curb by GoDaddy.com, or is this the company's most imaginative marketing ploy yet?

Go Daddy’s parent company KKR & Co.’s enlisted Deutsch NY as its agency of record in June and announced on Thursday that the company will also produce its two 30-second 2013 Super Bowl ads.

But there’s no mention of whether NASCAR’s Patrick will remain the primary focus or even in the commercials at all. And with 2013 the final year of Go Daddy sponsorship with Patrick, it’s unclear whether the world’s largest domain and Web-hosting provider will remain in NASCAR at all.

"Do I hope I'll be in the new Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials? Absolutely," Patrick said in the release. "I don't think it would feel quite like a Super Bowl if we don't do the commercials again this year."

Go Daddy has featured a bevy of attractive, scantily clothed women – including Patrick – over the years to promote its product. However, Go Daddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman, who has been with the company’s founder Bob Parsons for more than a quarter century, said they’re taking a different direction.

"We are doing something we've never done in a Super Bowl -- we are repositioning sexy," Rechterman said. "The new sexy means success, ambition and drive and it can be achieved by using Go Daddy to grow your business. We think it's sexy to grow a business, to be your own boss and to make dreams come true online."

It remains unclear whether that “sexy” includes the 30-year-old racer who has appeared in 10 Super Bowl commercials since 2007 – more than any other celebrity since. Patrick reached the one-name status of simply being called Danica following her association with Go Daddy. In 2010, the Web-hosting provider offered Patrick exposure to millions of households worldwide through its Super Bowl ads making her one of the most visible athletes long before she made the move from IndyCar to NASCAR.

In the last three years, Patrick has run a limited schedule in the Nationwide Series – until this season. She is currently 10th in the points standings. She made her Sprint Cup debut this year with Stewart-Haas Racing and in seven starts, her best finish is 25th.

Parsons still supports Patrick, one of his original Go Daddy girls, but after selling his company last year, it’s uncertain if he’ll have a significant say in the marketing plans going forward.

"We have had measurable success with Danica, no doubt about it," Parsons said. "When you think about our new definition of 'sexy' as: success, ambition and a drive to succeed with an online presence ... Danica certainly fits that bill."

In June, one of Patrick’s representatives, Mark Dyer, senior vice president of IMG, said Go Daddy had “invested in a long-term development plan” for the driver. But if Patrick is not included in the company’s most visible marketing campaign of the season, what does that say about the future of the relationship?

“Go Daddy bought into this plan three years ago and when they re-committed to Danica last year and we announced that she was going full-time to NASCAR,” Dyer said at the time. “This was a mutual decision. It’s what everyone wanted – to go forward.”

But will they? Will Patrick continue to be the poster girl for Go Daddy after 2013? Stay tuned.
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Re: Godaddy to sponsor Danica for 2 yr deal with SHR

Godaddy goes belly up,i'm sure there are hundreds of sponsors just waiting to jump in their place! ;) General Motors sponsored Dale Snr.for years and a few years after he passed on and Harvick took over the ride,Harvick must have killed their sales. :lol: Sponsors aren't in it to make money and no sponsor ever gets back from sponsoring a race car,it's pure advertisement and tax write off the end of the year.The companies involved in racing do it because they like to be a part of it,period!
When you buy your favorite drivers merchandise,there's money to be made there by all parties involved.Whether or not you like the sponsor or the make of the racecar,it doesn't matter people will buy the merchandise and that's where they recoop some of the money.The most part, sponsoring a racecar is a loss to any company as told by most any companies i ever talked to.The sale of merchandise doesn't make the company,it's the popularity of the driver.Dale Jr.could have just about any sponsor or drive anything and people would still buy his merchandise and most drivers it pissess them off,like Tony.lol


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Re: Godaddy to sponsor Danica for 2 yr deal with SHR

That article leaves alot out of what actually IS going on as all this is mostly is another lame PR stunt from GoDaddy, SHR has reported they have a long term committment from Godaddy with Danica and so has GoDaddy said the same thing--they arent stupid--although their lame press releases make it sound like they are dumping Danica, but far from true. Several other articles are out and about the internet now with Godaddy practically falling all over themselves to make it understood that Danica is very important to their brand etc and they have even said she IS still their Godaddy girl and face and will continue to be. Believe what you want but sometimes whats said is taken out of context from what is actually in the article--for what its worth? Link to an article explaining things better, as there are several: http://espn.go.com/racing/story/_/id/85 ... rtisements
As far as IF she is in another Superbowl add, the facts are those adds were highly panned anyway and Danica slammed for being in them so not that big of deal after re-thinking it. Godaddy is losing sales but remember one main thing--they havent used Danica in any new commercials all yr and the old ones with Indycar people certainly didnt work and the newer In/Out anti-sex ones arent working either as said before so whos to blame, so now they hire another add agency--good luck with that. Like I said before Godaddy is fickle in my opinion & has no clue how to use Danica or make good commercials like her other sponsors that they report are working great. The Nationwide Insurance one where Dale JR shows Danicas phone number at the end has generated massive hits and calls to that phone number--over 50,000--reported by a Nationwide Insurance release-so Danica draws attention and sells products and IF Godaddy doesnt know how to use her--its their loss. Danica will be fine as none of this apparently affects her racing anyway, but I stand by my thoughts that the sooner Danica gets away from GoDaddy the better off she will be, but they have sponsored her un-condionally since 2006 so thats tough to complain too much about i guess? :roll: Iam done with this crap with Godaddy.

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