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Article on Danica's ability to represent sponsors

Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:58 pm ... anica.aspx

Just found this press release as an opposite to the lame Godaddy PR crap to get more attention. Basically, Danica infact makes a big difference drawing attention to sponsors and their products and even better responses since Nationwide Insurance added her to their lineup of commercials as the article mentions.

About GoDaddy:
Godaddy is in disaray with management shakeups etc, as theyve had two different CEO's since the new co bought it from Parsons over 3 yrs ago and other managment changes as well. With lack of hits on their website and sales dropping off tells it all. Godaddy is LOST and going downhill and Maybe IF they used Danica like in the past, only with cool & funny commercials like her other sponsors are having success with, maybe they wouldnt be in such trouble? Also this Q score thing is crap as doesnt prove anything worth while according to several sites Ive seen as you cant even log into it to see results as its a private firm that supposedly does some sort of poles/surveys but isnt that accurate in regards to many other factors as popularity is measured in many different ways. Danica's Twitter followers are gaining every week and thats a modern factor her popularity is fine or better then ever.

Believe what you want, as some of you will never be convinced of anything positive regarding Danica, but the problem is Godaddy themselves not knowing how to use her. Danica is the Face of GoDaddy and IF they somehow try and do away with that, they will suffer for it as who or what else can they use to draw them the attention she gets for them--think about that? 8-)

There is an UPDATE on Jayskis I just saw where Godaddy seems to be backtracking on what they said or how it sounded regarding Danica in that press release or maybe theyve been hearing from avid Danica fans who said they were going on social media to let Godaddy know what they think of them over this article etc. Link to Jayskis and scroll to the update portion of the article for those interested. Godaddy is fickle in my opinion not knowing how to use Danica but they know one thing, they cant do without her.
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Re: Article on Danica's ability to represent sponsors

Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:07 pm

you kill me, your so full of resentment, your so worried about what others think, we post negative stuff about ryan and tony, and yea for a couple days there is hoopla but people get over it, you think everyone is out to get her, frankly she doesnt cross my mind, i shared that article because it was a SHR driver, end of story, plus if you did more fact checking go daddy said today they are happy with her and want to work with her more, just not going to be in a superbowl add,

Re: Article on Danica's ability to represent sponsors

Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:13 pm

So when have I trashed Ryan other then suggesting the truth that it isnt always the CC? One thing youve said yourself time and time again "you dont care about Danica", and your comments most the time show that in a negative light. You posted that story as you knew someone would and you love to post anything remotely negative about her--admit it. However my response would be the same regardless of who posted it as my comments were about the article and godaddy always doing this crap to get attention, and Danica is always the "fall guy" they use to get them attention as any PR release without Danicas name will get them maybe 5 people interested only, but any mention of her, multiply times thousands + mainstream media picks it up. See the difference and that applies to most others who want attention as well.

Saying you dont like Danica is fine, saying she had a lousy race is fine as ive said that and worse at times, but most of your remarks are just nasty and the fact you dont know the difference is where the issues are? I have no problem with you posting this or any article but I have the right to comment in my own way as i have followed Danica and Godaddy since the beginning and I know them better then you--thats obvious--period.

I admit maybe I go overboard at times so will try and count to ten (or 100) before posting regarding your comments at times and maybe quit being so negative as well concerning your comments and others--best I can do? :roll:
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