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Another Reason I Like Danica

Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:03 pm

Another reason I have liked Danica is that she is a Chicago Bears and Cubs fan!


Re: Another Reason I Like Danica

Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:18 pm

Nice pics as usual.

Most people like the "haters" dont really know Danica and they dont want to as being hugely popular and the one focused on over others simply makes them hate. Also as you probalby know but others dont, aside from the race track where she can be very serious, and very busy with signing autogrphs and media requirments, sometimes fans get forgotten due to the vast number of them, but away from the track she is as normal as anyone and more importantly wants to be left alone. Ive seen her at charity events or even at tracks hanging with her crews or other drivers laughing and joking like any other driver, but when the media shows up she often takes the attention away from other better drivers and many dont like that. Indycar drivers hated her for that out of jealousy and iam sure some Nascar drivers do as well, but Boo HOO for them?

Also she IS a great speaker at charity events and for her sponsors--obviously--and therefore she is "who she is" representing her sponsors better then most and some hate her for that as well--shallow people or just haters> Only Dale Jr can relate with his huge popularity moreso then hers but Jr has one big hang-up if you listen to him--he IS a lousy speaker often stuttering or stamering appearing not sure what to say on camera, but he is the face of Nascar to most and most popular--for now--but other drivers are like that also.

There is NO one like Danica who has made herself who she is by being SO successfull even with her meager stats some criticize, but those meager stats are still the best for any female in auto racing at this time, and some hate her for that as well--Boo Hoo for them. She IS the one with the last laugh on all the critics & haters as she IS the one with all the fame and fortune to bragg about IF she wanted to, but she doesnt, and that makes her a better person then most others who choose to trash her for achieving something they never will--overall success in life, that others can only dream about. 8-)

BTW--one main thing I value in her is her positive character and her ability to ignore all the haters and just keep smiling and not let it show as that has to be admired more then anything, as others have said as well. 8-)

Re: Another Reason I Like Danica

Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:42 pm

nice pics brother.
I bet you could probably post one pic of her every day for entire year & not have a repeat pic!

Re: Another Reason I Like Danica

Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:29 am

Schmoopy1000 wrote:nice pics brother.
I bet you could probably post one pic of her every day for entire year & not have a repeat pic!


I have gotten to personally know Danica and her dad pretty good over the last few years. They are great people. Always friendly and take the time to talk to me. Her dad taught me a lot of inside stuff with Indycar and showed me around her hauler and garages. Danica, herself always takes time out of her busy schedule to talk to me, sign stuff for me, and always take a picture with me. I am very fortunate for that and thankful.

I am a Danica fan forever!

Re: Another Reason I Like Danica

Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:51 pm

These are posts or threads i love to see, nothing but positive and informative, so thanks a bunch Danicafan. One question if you know being close to Danica and her dad--is it true per rumors everywhere that her dad was upset about her giving up Indycar and going to nascar? It was reported that he isnt driving her tour bus/rv anymore like he used to making it a family affair moreso as it was in Indycar, and now not so much in Nascar. Other rumors or sources have said her dad doesnt even go to her nascar races as I know he was in Indy for the 500 this yr., and Ive never saw him on camera at any nascar races, like we always did in Indycar including her mom and sometimes her sister etc? Hopefully going to Nascar didnt create a problem for their family, but some are saying it has? Danica was asked in an intervieew earlier this yr who her biggest influence was in her career and she said--"her Husband" and we know that isnt true as its always been " her DAD" so something isnt right, unless theyve just stepped way back as Nascar is much bigger & different spotlight?

If you dont want to repond its oK Danicafan but just curious as Iam a fan of hers for a very long time but I realise Iam NOT nearly that familiar as you appear to be? Keep up the cool pics, articles, videos and comments. Thanks 8-)
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