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just wondering....

Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:48 pm

ive noticed that the NW series has had a lot of down time, i wonder how danica will handle it when they get into the meat of the schedule, this is not meant to be a dig, but her previous job, they didnt race that much, but now she has the NW, some cup and sponsor appearances,just wonder if she will "hit the wall" as they say, most drivers do, seems like everyday the week they are flying off somewhere, heck it might have the opposite effect and she will have some great runs..

Re: just wondering....

Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:00 pm

I think she'll be fine with it, cause she ran what, 17 indycar races last year (3 overseas) and NW races before, in between & after indycar races.

Re: just wondering....

Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:07 am

good point jam, you get a gold star for this week.

Re: just wondering....

Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:21 pm

I think the hard part will be her transition to Cup & the lengths of the races.
I remember Jr. having issues with how long the races were when he came in, & admitted losing focus after so long. He is always the one leading the advocates to shorten races to this day.
I also remember Danica at Montreal where the weather was bad (cool), & she was exhausted from the heat in the cars. Wait for a hot day of 500 miles of racing. I think she will survive it all, but I do think she might struggle with the conditioning her first full season in a cup car. Indy car & NW series races are way shorter than cup races. So I think it is smart she is gonna run some races this year like Darlington & such. This will give her an idea what she is gonna be up against & can help her prepare in the offseason.

Re: just wondering....

Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:09 pm

It will take her some getting used to but she will be alright. 2013 will be big though, 36 races, only two off weeks, 500 too 400 milers every race, that will be harder for her to adjust to. Don't expect anything out of that will be super impressive at least until 2014.
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