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Danica dominates media day



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Post Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:27 am

Danica dominates media day

Interesting article on yesterday but what I found interesting was mentioning her merchandise sales were among the top 15 drivers last yr running PT in NNS, while this yr already in 2012 her merchandise is selling in the top 10, course alot of that is probably due to her now in Cup PT--Look out Jr--Ha Ha. When interviewed briefly yesterday on Race Hub she did sound a little hoarse due to all the interviewing probably. 8-)

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-400_162-573 ... spotlight/

On a more serious thought not mentioned in articles is some drivers dont like it. When interviewed days ago on Race Hub Brad K was asked what his most hated question was he keeps being asked and he said when they ask him "how will Danica do" and when the host joked and asked him that again, he gave a finger gesture blanked out on TV. Hopefully his little jealousy factor doesnt put her in the wall early, course she does have lots of Hendrick teammates as well as SHR so? As a comparison when she was wrecked apparently intentional by some NNS drivers in the past, she commented she was told to get them back, but also that some other drivers offered to take care of that driver for her, so maybe more love then hate--guess we'll see this yr? 8-)


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Re: Danica dominates media day

Jealousy,that's funny chit right there,the media doesn't ask how another driver thinks another driver will do till oh yes Danica Mania.Don't honestly think any driver cares aside the fact she's a rookie and they make mistakes. The media kept asking me the same question about anything,i'd tell them to Chit in a hat too! :lol: We will see who out sells who,think the only one who may still out sell Jr.is his father and he has been gone now for over a decade.

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