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Re: What Racer1 feared

Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:09 pm

racer1 wrote:SAVE IT for someone who cares.

Now I see why this small forum has such few posters as most adults like real opinions and not childish whining and crying about everything. Whos the idiots running this forum, relatives of Ryans obviously? This forum representing SHR IS a disgrace and when I see Tony here in Phx to get his autograph I'll mention this site and forum and the nasty posts about him and Danica. Maybe he will delete this garbage site and find an adult to start a real one that actually has decent content and more then 5 posters a day or just delete it as the Jr motorsports site deleted their forum long ago because of all the negativitiy. Ive never saw a team web site with so few posters on the forum & most of them bash the personel/drivers who the forum represents--- apparently no-one is running this site who cares and thats pathetic? Grow UP

Seems like all you have done since you got here is whine. Funny how that is your problem, with others. Also funny is when the season starts there are more Tony fans on this site than any others. (& none of them are crying like you) Also when you go talk to Tony realize this. He has much thicker skin than you do. You believe if everyone doesnt think like you, then they are wrong & you want to cry foul. Its like you read others posts almost like you are trying to figure out what to complain about. (even if there wasnt anything to complain about)
Take Muskrats post that you quoted. Muskrat didnt say a single bad thing about Tony or Danica, but you went on your little tissy fit about how everyone is bashing tony & Danica, & must ber family members of Ryan. I read Muskrats post & your reply to it, & my only thought was...... Huh :?: How you read into things is crazy to me.

Re: What Racer1 feared

Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:38 pm

jamo14 wrote:keep running with that, I think it's working for ya.........

now back to the topic at hand, I hope Danica wins the Daytona 500 this year, that'd be as equally awesome as Tony's "out of nowhere" title run during last year's Chase.

Don't forget the #21 last year,all is possable! Then again,all (Jamo)people would say is it was just luck at a restrictor plate race where anyone could win like BK at Dega. ;) Yah do make me laugh Jamo,even if it's at my own expense let alone anything else.The comment yah made to Racer1 did make my day and after this day,i needed a laugh. :lol: "Next time you have a thought" :lol:
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Re: What Racer1 feared

Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:32 pm

This is racer1 post in "Introduce Yourself" when he signed in:

Just joined here and happy to see Danica has joined SHR even though its PT for now. I have some concerns for Danica being in Cup racing, given her limited PT NNS schedule of stock car experience, but those will play out when the new season starts. Iam in Phx close to where Danica lives and have followed her since her beginning, and now wish her well in Nascar with SHR.

Thrilled to see Tony take the Championship for the 3rd time as he clearly deserved it, as Ive rarely saw such a thrilling race final. Cant wait for the 2012 season to start. Will check in from time to time to check for news, updates etc. Happy holidays. 8-)

& Happy New Year to U too racer1

Here's to U jamzzzzzzzzz Image ur toooo Funny Bro :lol: :lol: :lol:
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